Sincap Group

Sincap Group Limited is principally engaged in the mining of gypsum minerals and trading of alumina and coal in the PRC.

Our businesses are categorised into three major segments, namely the trading of alumina, the trading of coal, and the mining and sale of gypsum, respectively conducted by our subsidiaries, Sino-Lonther, Shandong Sincap and Luneng Taishan Mining.

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The Group began its core operations in gypsum mining in 1999, and has grown into a leading player in the PRC gypsum industry, possessing mining and exploration rights to some of the largest gypsum reserves in Dawenkou Gypsum District in Shandong Province, China.

The Group places great emphasis on the use of technology and policies to safeguard our employees at our mines. We have implemented one of the most comprehensive and advanced information control and automation system in the mines that not only incorporates an underground emergency warning system and a continuous air quality monitoring system, but also tracks the movement of individual miners underground, and enables them to communicate with the surface control room through wireless technology.

In 2005, we extended our operations into commodity trading, beginning with alumina, and have since established a wide network of suppliers and customers in the country. We began coal trading operations in May 2011 after receiving our coal trading licence in January that year. We obtained an international import and export trading licence in October 2011 that would allow us to engage in the trading of commodities such as coal internationally.